Hi all quick letter from the prez,

Yesterday we held our state titles at Flynn’s reef rounds 2 and 3. The weather was not kind and very trying at times but I think we had the best for what was on offer on the island. I would like to thank Rosie Jim Pal Jason Bruce and Simon for doing an awesome job sitting in the judging tent most of the day I very much appreciate your time to help us in the trying weather. All the boys that competed with great stamina to do two rounds in one day were awesome and we saw some great surfing by all out there and thank you. Thank you to Kev Ross for bringing his amazing hooter and for sitting in the weather taking videos and pics also to Andy Whitehead for doing the live rounds and keeping the website in tune.

On behalf of myself and our committee a big thank you to all of you we wouldn’t be able to run our comps without these lads giving their valuable time to us. And amendment big thank you to Jock for manning the flag duties awesome mate.

We will put out the scores for the winners at our prezzo at urbnsurf so please get your name in as limited spots are available. Plus crown the title holders for this year.

So see you at urbnsurf.

Cheers Rod KSV president.

The below was updated Live during the day:

The 2023 Kneeboard Surfing Victoria State Titles rounds 2 & 3. Back-to-back rounds on one day – Sunday November 29, 2023. It’s a test of skill, power, flow and stamina to crown a champion.

Live event results will be uploaded on this page – results of each final to be kept secret until KSV Season 2023 Presentation Day at UrbnSurf on December 4.

Conditions not great, but we’ll give it a crack!

ROUND 1 Results: Highlight was Pete F hitting the shorey and ending up on the sand




An injury sees B SEMI 2 a walk through


OPEN SEMI 2 in the water now, with B FINAL paddling out now under the yellow flag.


B Grade Final: Dave, Rod, Pete G, Mitch

A Grade Final: Owen, Stan, Pete F, Paul O’Neill

The results of the FINALS will not be published here – will be announced at our presentations on December 9.

ROUND 3: if anyone is following along, sorry, I’ll sort the order later

Heat 1:

Heat 2 a walkthrough after withdrawals from Simon Chipper and Paul O’Neill

Heat 3:

Heat 4:

Semi 1:

Semi 2

Sorry, I didn’t get a photo of Semi 2 results, but it was Stan and Owen progressing into the final.

Final was Stan, Owen, Pete and Andy

B Final was a 3 man heat – Pete, Paul Mannix, Gary Smithett

The surfers

The path to the finals

  • Peter Gorton
  • Paul O’Neil
  • Rod Paarlberg
  • Dean Bould
  • Andy Whitehead
  • Pete Fairweather
  • Owen Fairweather
  • Jeff Steven
  • Paul Mannix
  • Tony Jewell
  • Mitchell Mennie
  • Travis Sutton
  • Stan Koefed
  • Dave Sexton
  • Simon Chipper
  • Gary Smithett